Just DONT do it (story of a scripter)

Hey guys i want to tell you my story on how my main account got banned for scripting (not asking someone to unban it) So a while ago a friend of mine showed me a third party program called "%%%%%%%%" and told me about scripting and thats its rly fun and that Riot wont even find it out. At first i was sceptical and didnt rly know how to react, but after some thinking i installed the program to see what scripting is like, i first started in a custom game and tested a script for vayne and one that makes u dodge every skillshot. I thougt it was rly fun bit i didnt find it necessary to play with, my friend still dared me to play some normals with him and constantly told me it would be safe and they wont even realize and stuff like that. We played a few games and had some good laughs when we dodged every skillshot and the enemy started flaming each otherfor being bad. The next day he invited me to play a ranked game and asked me to use scripts, i first denied to use them because i felt a bit guilty and ashamed for having them used the other day, but then he told me i was too bad to play ranked with him if i dont use the scripts, i didnt want to leave him hanging and playing with him also was a lot of fun so i agreed. We played a few ranked games i even promoted to gold 4 from gold 5, but when i realized that i gained elo so easily and unfair even though gaining elo is hard work and should be done honestly (without someone boosting you or using scripts) i was shocked. I instantly felt so ashamed that i deleted the program, because suddenly i had a really big fear getting banned from the game i loved and played for years, that i put so much effort and money in. I went to sleep later that day and when i waked up i had a notifiation on my smartphone, i received an email that told me that i got banned for using scripts, well it didnt exactly say "scripts" but i was aware of the fact that i got banned for using them. A part of me died and i was so upset and angry at riot games until i relized that it was totally my fault and i was responsible for every action that got me banned, even though it didnt feel like im cheating to me, i still had cheated. Long story short: Do i regret scripting? yes! Would i ever script again even if i knew Riot wouldnt find out? No! Should you stop scripting even if you didnt get banned yet? totally! And pls dont tell anybody to use scripts, let them play the game they love without getting them into trouble. Dear third party program users: Its NOT worth it, the game is more fun if played honest, also riot will find out so stop as long as u have the chance to Best regards - Selim aka Révolucian
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