So i just played a ranked game to take one of my accounts to gold, i been into series ,and my adc started to act like he is challenger or something ,started to be extremly toxic for taking 4 minions , ... and some intentionally because he would loss them... , and some non intentionally as playing senna using q... . So then he stand afk , then decided to rush enemy and to give them kills ,while in this time he started also to flame me ... , his reaction was extremly toxic , i just stand to play my game as nothing happened ... , 1 vs 2 playing vs brand and lux bot lane , i did good poke on bot lane on the begin of the game which run good for the first 6 minuts... . Anyway what i want to point here ,this person flame me whole game , troll/grief me , stand afk , + on the end of game step to be more toxic towards me ... , and i not even did something to him ... I been lossing time , lossing 1 point because i was into series for getting my account to gold , and also had to see this guy behaviour , i not even mute him ,because i was confident his behaviour is clearly worth at least 14 days ban... So my question is , does he deserve only 14 days ban ?? , why there aren't escalated punishments, if he broke so hard the rules in the game , why he worth a second chance ? I mean it started from nothing , this is how he know to play online video games. If this is the way we are working against troll/grief , then is obvious why those players wins... ,i mean , serious you find so hard someone who grief/troll and he worth 14 days ban not permanent ? Even if he does get 14 days ban , this mean his next time he toxic behave would get permanent banned , so that means he already grief/troll and flame very much this mean he deserve instant permanent ban , because troll/grief=14 days ban , his toxicity in this case = another level of punishment , permanent ban.

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