Why do people look for any other reason but themselves when they lose?

So I've been wondering: Whenever someone loses a game, on my or the enemy team, people always start pointing fingers. they always have a reason but themselves that they lost the game. it's either ''report ....'' ''I had lagg'' ''no ganks'' etc etc. but why does no one look at how they played by him/herself? Often, the people calling out others are people (from a neutral perspective said) who misplay or make mistakes. wouldn't it be better if people would instead if blaming others, just take a hard look in the mirror? I usually tend to do such things and watch my games back. in that regard I learned that my warding skills could be polished a bit more and that I sometimes tend to overextend unnecessary. Knowing that helps a lot more than blaming others and be oblivious for my own shortcomings. now I do wonder though if there are more people who think like me and if someone can give an explanation why people like to point at others that much.
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