question about IFS

A - last time i played against a caitlyn who spammed : 1 - you are tard 2 - F you 3 - $ac my d1c 4 - you are shetty a$$ B - and 2 week ago i played against a rengar who spammed : 1 - %%%% you 2 - you are %%%%er 3 - you e playing like %%%% XD 4 - %%%% your %%%%ing m0m 5 - go %%%% yourself 6 - you mader %%%%er piece 0f %%%% and the main question is that will IFS ( reporting system ) detect that they are flaming me hard? i did report both rengar and caitlyn but i think IFS are not smart enough to notice they are using bad words! can someone please answer that which one of them are detectable and which on of above options are not detectable. i really want to know this question's answer so if you know it please tell me :) one of the reasons that i am attempting to know is to learn when to use support a ticket report ( asking a human to review your report by sending some screenshot and detial )
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