Why do I have to pay the price for AFKers?

I joined a game of league and during that game my Lucian (who was supposed to be support, but insta-locked adc in draft pick) decided he didn't like the fiddle sup, so he left the game at lvl 1. I don't think it was fair for me to have to play an entire 20 minutes before i had the opportunity to ff, even then my team decided not to ff so i was in the game for 35 minutes. Thats 35 mins of fighting an uphill battle without an adc. WTF rito i don't have much time to play this game to begin with but when you make me waste 35mins on a game that we're gna lose anyways, it get very frustrating. Anyways there's my little rant. Hopefully rito changes the ff system to something more suitable for people who afk.
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