The solo queue - Even if we have bronze skills. Normal MMR related to rank MMR ? What I should do ?

Hi, I know this post will be deleted but anyway, I have to ask a question. First, let me say that: I dont mind being bronze, if it didn't meant playing with flamers, and all the dirty stuff. Let me tell you my story. Past a year, I was a real troll, not the mean type, the not patient type. But still a bronze troll. I deserved this rank. I changed a lot, and I'm here today. Not even flaming or afk. Just being nice, trying to have fun, playing LoL(even got the green ribbon, having a lot of 'friendly' honor, didnt expected that :O). Just one problem. And two question. Is normal MMR related to the ranked MMR ? I started ranked recently for this season: The 3th placements match, well, I'v got some chasing dude, but everyone was nice. Kinda fun to play, even while losing. The type of games I want. But then, it was hell. I was matched with toxic people only. then, times to times, nice team. I tried my best to win in a nice mood, even in the toxic games. Still ended bronze V. Now I only got toxics in my games. You know, the ones WRITTING LIKE THIS. I aimed gold/diamond, thinking I could have nice games but... Maybe I don't have the skill to be diamond. Maybe not chasing, playing safe and all the funny stuff isn't enought. I can understand. But I feel really punished in Bronze V. There is no fun in this game, trying to be nice to people who are being racist or mean(and i still do, at least I'm happy to see how I'v changed). I wasn't aiming gold or something to be like , all highty and mighty, full of pride. Just to have fun games. It was the story of, maybe a noob, player of league of legend. Alone in solo queue. So, what should I do If i don't have the skill to be diamond, to play troll free game ? (Yes, it's not "to climb the ladder", I'm unable to carry this. I'm impressed how plat/diamond or gold are able to do this O_o. This is maybe why I'm bronze.) So yeah, i'm not saying "i dont deserve to be bronze", I'm saying "I don't deserve to have trolls in my games". What was the meaning of winning 5 games and put all I had in thoses games(+ the one I'v lost), if it's for ending Bronze V ? Kinda lost. Thanks for reading my rage and cries,
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