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I had 14 day ban on account maybe i deserved it for flaming but i want to ask riot. If i get 200 honors in less than 100 games and i flame after 100 games i will get permaban or if i didnt have 14 day ban i would get 14 day ban. For flaming just 1 game And it doesnt metter i played other 100 games friendly carrying having great communication. I have 62% win rate on TheVojislav account (around 170 games 114 wins) from bronze 2 account that it had i grow up to gold 2 right now and i still have honor lvl 0 And why 50 games where u played good and being nice u dont get any rewards but if u flame 1 game u can get banned for 14 days or permaban like i got on my another account where i never flamed. Its so %%%ing dissqusting idk what people in your company doing i swear u dont have %%%ing idea how this game should work.And i am not mad or something but from game that was very enjoyable when key fragments came out.Where everyone was happy playing to win and get keys . To this moment where u need to wait 1 year to get honor lvl 1 to get 1 key in 10 days.. Now when u cant say any bad word and that should be good ? that should change people to positive ? U have zero idea how to make this game work propertly i swear.
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