Why i got banned?

Hi guys, i don't want to offend anyone here. I played a ranked game like every time, and this happened. I played Shaco jungle, and there was malzahar mid player which i wont name in this situation... The ranked game was fine, going everything alright, but malzahar like talked all time NO JUNGLER IDIOT NO MIDLANE BOT IS NOT GOOD and i was like dude, wait we are all good i was 15/8 at end of game (i think) and he was non stop talking about irelia that had just bad game he was talking (( wtf irelia idiot u feed nasus we lost the game )) and i reacted to that by typing in the chat below u can see what i typed, nothing too serious, i was like chill all game and half of the bad words were for the opposite team, not for him.... I even wanted to help everyone they asked for ganks i came everytime and i don't want riot to react to this, im really mad at them right now i just want to hear others what they say about this? Write your replies below and say if the ban i got was worth it or no? ( its 14 day ban ) ShadownWorker: why did kalista do that lol? ShadownWorker: chill. ShadownWorker: hahahah scukk it ShadownWorker: ty thresh ShadownWorker: irelia really ShadownWorker: that is true ShadownWorker: dont let him farm dude ShadownWorker: hit him when he comes ShadownWorker: bot need help? ShadownWorker: goddamn ShadownWorker: foking minions ShadownWorker: dude ShadownWorker: xd ShadownWorker: u are 0/0 ShadownWorker: still ShadownWorker: to who irelia? ShadownWorker: me or maza ShadownWorker: please ShadownWorker: tell me ShadownWorker: xd ShadownWorker: 0/1 ShadownWorker: malzahar ShadownWorker: fat %%% ShadownWorker: shut the freak up ShadownWorker: U ARENT BETTER ShadownWorker: I GANKED U 5 TIMES ShadownWorker: bot going ok? ShadownWorker: ty btw ShadownWorker: shiet ShadownWorker: ? ShadownWorker: thats my job ShadownWorker: with shaco ShadownWorker: sry ShadownWorker: but that is real ShadownWorker: my bad ShadownWorker: .. ShadownWorker: malzahar dude ShadownWorker: why ShadownWorker: just why ShadownWorker: you have to flame ShadownWorker: malza ShadownWorker: even irelia has better score than u ShadownWorker: go %%% ShadownWorker: lmao ShadownWorker: XD ShadownWorker: i just realised ShadownWorker: i didnt buy boots ShadownWorker: lol ShadownWorker: and i have 433 ShadownWorker: ms ShadownWorker: your fault u fed him ShadownWorker: gg ShadownWorker: now ShadownWorker: if im dead ShadownWorker: nothing can save u ShadownWorker: so ShadownWorker: gg ShadownWorker: 23 wards ShadownWorker: lol ShadownWorker: yup ShadownWorker: no mid lane ShadownWorker: top laner here and also jungler ShadownWorker: sejuani is a problem ShadownWorker: now ShadownWorker: lel ShadownWorker: KILL NASUS ShadownWorker: GODDAMN ShadownWorker: YES YES ShadownWorker: KILL NASUS ShadownWorker: gg ShadownWorker: report mal for flame
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