How low can people go in bot games?

It amuses me in a way why people are so toxic on bot games. No seriously, it amuses me. I like going Smite/Flash on whoever I feel like playing and go into whatever lane is free or needed, even if it means the jungle. Remember, this is all Co-op vs AI. Now then, I typically have the same build path of buying these items ({{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3091}} and either {{item:3078}} or {{item:3085}} ) because I like going attack speed. Now then, let's go. Cassiopeia Jungle game was interesting. Clears can work if you get tear and attack speed is actually nice if you land your Q on enemies but I digress. The mid laner, Kog'maw, complained about my pick and whenever he got the kill on the mid laner, I would happily take the cannon in return... apparently the Kog'maw didn't like that and got toxic. Seriously? You got the kill, I get the cannon. My jungling doesn't come free. Anyway, the game was rough as we have 3 new players who didn't do so hot and it looked like we were going to lose until I split pushed and managed to kill anyone who tried to stop me and that's when the Kog'maw changes his tune to be nice and happy like his toxicity never existed. Sorry buddy, not happening. He even said at the end that the ranting was nothing... yeah right, complaining and acting all pissy and asking for reports isn't toxic? Today's game was okay. I was Annie mid and did fine with the jungler (Plat Nunu (Sorry, he 'claims Diamond')), ganking on occasion. Game was going well until the 12 minute when the Nunu, out of nowhere, said I was horrible (At this point, I was around 5/0/3) and started getting super toxic throughout the rest of the game. Worst part? They were duo'ed with someone else who agreed with them on everything. How low can they go? They even said they had nothing against me despite still flaming me for building Attack Speed against bots. Seriously dude. The Nunu even said they do it all the time in Platinum and 'Diamond' so I'm surprised they aren't banned. TLDR: Two flamers in two games. First one asks me to be reported until I save the game then acts like nothing happened. Second one suddenly turns horrible and said it was nothing about me before continuing.
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