Ban Blog: Day 10 of 14, kicking back and having fun again

Hey guys :D back with ban blog number 10! this one is actually on time like day 9 as i usually do it the night before because i dont have time in the morning cus work anyways lets begin! **Ranked on my smurf** Today i decided to do the biggest test on my mentality by playing ranked soloq to know for sure if my mentality is improving in anyway and so far...some goods but also some bads however i was not toxic so thats definitely a really good sign either way but i wont deny that i still felt somewhat frustrated and annoyed when my team made so many mistakes that could of cost us the game but with signs of improvement i managed to keep my cool and focus on myself and carried the games with no issues I think im gonna take the weekend break from ranked though i dont wanna force myself back into the mess i just got myself out of I am just gonna focus on my job and then come home and play a few normal games and have fun. The good part about all of this testing though is i actually had a lot of fun even in ranked today so im definitely showing signs of improving **small arguments between my friends** This isn't really about me but more about my friends...well i guess it is a little about me as well but either way it sucks basically some friends of mine got in a bit of a heated fight that i couldn't really stop i tried my best so that everyone walked away happy but it just kept going and it pretty much left a shitty atmosphere for everyone and i felt somewhat dissapointed in myself that i couldn't stop it in anyway. they are my friends after all i dont want people hating each other over silly things its just sad because i dont want to have to speak to them separately and i dont want the other to get mad if i decide to talk to the other its all just so annoying when people dont get along is all...I just hope they figure out a way to work things out **my feelings on league as of now** All good things :D I have learned how to use morde effectively and consistently in this meta with a new DFT setup rather than Stormraiders its working really well so far and its just a lot of fun to do great things with my dedicated main again. Im still somewhat unsure about ranked but i still had fun playing it today but wait and see there are still 4 days to go of this test also Pentakill is back! \m/ hell yeah! I loved the first album cant wait for the full release Thanks for reading :D if you are new and havent read the first few days then please go check em out this journey has been great so far and wouldn't want you to miss out on it all and for those who have stuck with me for 10 crazy days i just want to say thank you much you have been amazing Have fun on the rift guys! :D
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