Ranked Silver - Trolls, Inters, Feeders, AFK's and Flamers.

Hey all, I have recently come back to League after a few years out and am trying to climb elo. I have experienced a MASSIVE amount of trolls, feeders, AFK's and flamers in nearly every game that I have played. I have seen pro's and so many other people state that "its a 50/50 chance which team gets the troll" or "just try to help them, don't tilt and you will win the majority of your games". Whilst the comments sometimes work, there are many games where you just cant win it because of these people. There seems to be an a mixed opinion and generally people do not realise how many are actually out there. I have lost so many league points, promo's and have been demoted due to these people that I thought that I would give a game by game breakdown of how each player played and if/when they trolled, fed, AFK'd or flamed. **I am in no way stating that I am a pro or even better than Silver!** There will be no naming or shaming, just a quick break down of how my team played. I will also be stating if I played badly, made mistakes or cost the team games (hopefully that doesn't happen!). The format will be the following: Date - League/Division - My OP.GG rank. Result - The kind of player that was experienced. Top Champion - Description. Jungle Champion - Description. Mid Champion - Description. ADC Champion - Description. Support Champion - Description. Feel free to comment or follow if you would like to. Also, lets see how many troll, flame or just generally stupid comments this thread gets. GET GUD NUB1!!11!! or U 2 bad, delet game NAO! really aren't funny :). Cheers, Varjo
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