Iron ranked games are too toxic

Hello,recently I tried to climb on ranked but ended up ruining my rank and losing all my ap.I went on a loss streak and before giving up I gave it one more shot.As you know the last shot is never the last.Aaaand I went on a 8 game loss streak.But where is the toxicity in this?Well the last 3 games I played I was threatening to be stabbed to death,shot to death and was requested to kms over ...feeding?the problem was I was feeding in only one of the games yet I got threatened In all 3.Also that wasn't the only threats I got.i got told in the last 2 games that I will be banned for feeding and and flaming while I only use chat to say help and and say gank or gj you know the usual callouts.I never get toxic in normals and that's when I'm super tryharding yet without doing anything I got flamed :(.The question rn is will I actually be banned? I haven't been toxic nor have trolled but I have fed badly because I played against hardcounters and I even told the team I might lose lane.Im really scared guys I don't want to lose this account I have only had it's for 3 months.Thank you for reading
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