The Real Problem With Low ELO

I'll admit, I'm not a great player. I'll admit my mechanics are sub par I'll admit I'm not a genius and not a pro level player But Jesus christ, Low ELO players have no idea what the macro game is If you don't know what the macro game is, its pretty simple. It's basically the meta around what objectives to take when. Simple, right? Apparently not. My BIGGEST peeve is when we have two inhibs, usually mid and a side lane. Whats the best play in this situation? Well it depends on how far ahead you are, how many of them are dead, etc. If you are far enough ahead and enough of them are dead, you can win easy. BUT if you are NOT far enough ahead/they are all alive - you have to keep doing more. The easiest thing to do, with the least risk and highest reward, is to go to the OTHER side lane and push it in, taking the towers, inhibs, and winning the game by overwhelming them with super minions. I mean if you have pretty good map control you can take baron, try and push it that way, but you should still follow that up by taking the side lane next. NOBODY. DOES. THIS. Even when I point it out to people that it's an easy way to win the game, they don't listen, they keep fighting, die in stupid scenarios because they're so damn cocky because we have a slight lead, and let the enemy stall out and push us back. Three times in my last game, we had both top and mid inhibs, and could have won if we just took the bot tower and pushed in. Nope. We gon' fight over elder dragon, baron, enemy red buff, for no reason, we gon' fight. We lost, because my team tried to baron when they had a really nice engage opportunity. We lost because my team had no idea what to do, despite me saying in chat "We just need to take the bot tower and we can push to win" multiple times. Eventually our top laner realised and started trying to push it in but unfortunately because nobody else responded we couldn't do shit. One of the biggest ways to improve your play is to just learn a little bit of macro play, just a little. One simple fact in the minds of more of my teammates would have won us that game. Please go and learn a little bit, it makes the game so much easier.
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