I just had 4 games with no one flaming ^^

I know it's not much but (okay for me it is) I thought it was enough for one positive post :D Now don't understand me wrong I usually use the boards to share my opinion about what we can do to make LoL better, which automatically means that I assume that there is something wrong But come on we have to share and the good moments too, at the end it is the reason why we love this game(at least for me I had some beautiful moments that I'll never forget and they are pretty much the reason that drove me into making 1 million champion points on Ryze) Anyway have a nice day :) By the way please excuse my grammar mistakes last time I posted something, someone pointed that out I'll to fix this in the future(or at least I'll try) And also please don't judge me on my other posts ... if you can ... plss ..

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