15 Types of player types that are anoying and mostly frustrating to nearly everyone

1. First of all, the _Im not even trying !_, those are the kind of players that try (as example) to insec with Lee Sin an Alistar and Tahm kench when they have half life, than he dies, and a few seconds after ,he says in all chat &#039;&#039;LOL, im not even trying! xD&#039;&#039;. Than please tell me, why are you not even trying in a ranked game? Probably somebody has his promos in our team and you are ruining it by &#039;Not even trying&#039;. 1. The _Bm&#039;ing pig,_ those are the kind of players that lock in their one - trick main, go with lv.5 mastery emote and skin on lane (cough cough yasuo cough), and start spaming emotes and the lv.5 mastery once they do something NOT wrong, such as landing skillshots, avoiding a gank or just owning the trade, those are the kind of players that get mostly killed in a game and focused down in a Teamfight. 1. The _Crybaby_, those are the kind of players that start crying about something when they can&#039;t handle it, no matter if **Monstercamp, Item, Summ spell, Champion or Objective**, they spend the most time of the game in the chat and are in no way helpful for the team because they write stuff like &#039;&#039;Wtf Xin Zhao so broken why does&#039;nt Riot nerf this lil shit&#039;&#039; while we are loosing a 4 v 5 fight 1. The _Potato PC_, these are the kind of players that come back in the 5:00-10:00 minute and than say &#039;&#039;Sorry, my pc is really shity and crashed&#039;&#039;, those kinds of players are mostly met while having promos or importand games 1. The _EZ-real_, those are the kind of players that did really shit the whole game, and their endscore is 1/9/4 with a CS of 51 after 30 minutes, and than write &#039;&#039;Ez, Ez game, GG easy&#039;&#039; because they got carryed from their team, i think we all can accept that we neither want them in the enemy or our team 1. The _Silent approach_, these are the guys that go with Veigar or Nasus on the Toplane, and never give any life signals from them, only at the begin a &#039;&#039;Gl, hf&#039;&#039; and sometimes an &#039;&#039;SS top&#039;&#039;, and after 30 minutes they leave toplane to destroy the enemy team or it is too late already and you will loose 1. The _Bruce Banner_, those are the kind of players that write, no matter if normal, flame, or SS or whatever , always in caps-lock, all the time &#039;&#039;SS TOP&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;YOU DID A GOOD JOB&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;GO GET DRAKE/BARON NOW&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;GG WP&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;ENGAGE&#039;&#039; 1. The _DDos Kid_, those are the kind of players that would litteraly suck somebodys fingers just to get you on Skype/TS so they can get your IP and &#039;DDos&#039; you, most of the time they are bluffing, but be careful, you can never know, never do what they want from you , they mostly write ingame already &#039;&#039;I GOT EVERYTHING FROM YOU, ALL YOUR IP&#039;S AND I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE !, ANONYMUS WILL HACK YOU!!!&#039;&#039; &lt;--- The kind of players that mostly are mad &#039;&#039;Come to TS/Skype if you have balls and say that into my face&#039;&#039; &lt;---- Be careful 1. The _Power Plant_, those are the kind of players that they are soooo toxic, even without actually flaming, because they try to tilt you to flaming just so they can report and punish you, i would suggest to instantly mute those kind of players and not fall into their mind game , they mostly say stuff like &#039;&#039;Bots?&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;Are you guys laging? ; )&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;Rammus, tell me how you got lv.5 on Rammus when you are that bad with him :D?&#039;&#039;, &#039;&#039;(He is fed) im not even trying lol&#039;&#039;, and they mostly try to focus / babysit you to make you tilted , YOU SHOULD NEVER try to do an argument battle, it would tilt you even more, just ignore and mute, if possible report after game 1. The _Cancer doctor_, those are the kind of players that only flame with cancer wishes and nothing else, not caring about if the guy you flame maybe lost a family member to cancer, they will always flame you with cancer wishes 1. The _B_~~g~~_ril,_ those are mostly boys that say they are horny girls that would send pics for free RP, the chance that it really is like that is 0.01% so don&#039;t fall for that 1. The &#039;_Smurf_&#039;, those are the kind of players that go in blind pick and say &#039;&#039;Let me mid, i am Dia1 Smurf i will carry&#039;&#039;, than he instalocks Zed and steals the lane from the guy that was first, than he fails to a AD Orianna and says &#039;&#039;Pfff, im lagging&#039;&#039; 1. The real smurf, we either hate or love them, we are mad when we have our promos and the enemy have them, and glad when we have our promos and our team have the smurf, the guys have a hate chance of 50/50 each game 1. The _I Don&#039;t care_ guy, these kind of players won&#039;t give a sh#t, They have Rammus ? they instalock Jinx, The whole enemy is maybe in that bush and you ping to be careful ? they facechek the bush and die,you tell them to build Armor pen against Rammus and Malphite ? they build Runaans, they also love 1 v 5&#039;ing the enemy team 1. The _**Flamer**_, Flamer , we all know them, they are never usefull for the team and only throw mean words and sentences at everybody, nobody wants them I can&#039;t find any more types, you could complete it in the comments below when you find another one V . V . V . V . V Community EDIT: By Kitty Katarina > <- one trick pony, level 7 mastery. No skin on my current account which I use. NEver spamming emo icon. People still hate me. Okay. ^^ Add me as 16. Edit: forgot the passive aggresive that says "GTFO my lane I wanna farm" type aswell.. Make this one whole group honoring me <3 By Canoodle > the dictator, the guy who thinks he knows his teammates champion pool better than they do, and tries to tell everyone what and how to play, when really he's just copy pasting from challenjour scene even though it's silver elo. If you dont do exactly what he says, he says gg and gives up in champ select, then in end game screen he says "i tried to tell you" By ThisOneDiesALot > The "I know it better" guy, these kind of players go in with you and when you shot everything you have and you know, that the fight is over, they still go in and expect you to do all your skill shots again as if you would have a secret leblanc-R that you can use over and over. And then of course they die being outnumbered because they kept fighting instead of retreating. And then they ping "Enemy Missing" over your. And again, and again, and again, and again and [ping block] Thy for keeping the list fresh :D
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