well done riot????

well done riot you have royally %%%%ed up this time havent you???, what is a team meant to do when someone decides to not play the game and stay at base till lvl 1 and do nothing but no we cant remake now can we because he hasnt disconnected. I came back to this shit game to try and climb again and here we are you %%%%ing things up again well done riot that on top of your employees walking out your game will soon be over well done idiots you are really intelligent aint you??. Not!!!! dont sort this shit out i will be going for good your a damn joke riot and so is your game fed up of being told im in bronze 4 because im bad and yet that was in a match for my promos thanks a lot look at my op.gg then tell me im shit ok???/. just so you know riot your game matched me with another set of trolls and now i lost my promos yet again well guess what i cannot be bothered to waste my time no %%%%ing more your game is a joke, and so are you your game is pathetic. just shows the mentality for the downvotes hope it happens to you. guess what lost my promos again for the fourth time because your game matches me purposely with trolls and inters well i have uninstalled now so go %%%% yourselves riot and all the people on this boards with your attitude im done %%%% all of you bye.

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