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I was is a ranked champion select with my friend a really good friend, I was support and my friend was adc but there was 2 other guys from german who took our lane, When we went into the game we typed Report Cait & Naut for taking our lane. When we were done typing that he just answerd with a question mark and acted like they dident take our lane, and after he types question mark he says i dident even want to go supp. Later on into the game when i was top i killed my enemy (gangplank) and it went well but when naut or cait died i typed gj to them just to kind of tilt them. And 20 - 30 min into the game he is starting to call me ugly, Get some balls. And the worst thing is im 13 years old and he is like 20 and he says. Atleast i know how to fuck bitches like your mom, and saying he is going to take my sister on a ride this night. After the game was over we lost, In the post game lobby,He says, We dident even call his mother a bitch is was himself, how can you disrespect ur mother like that. And when the game is over in the post game lobby, Cait says. Stfu ugly kid and ur mom to a bitch. So naut said they dident say my mom was a bitch when you saw that cait did. I reported them both ofc but the worst part is, How can you disrespect someone like that, And espescially a 13 year old kid and his mother and sister. And i am kinda toxic but the last 20 - 30 games ive tried to not be and it has worked so far ( i was toxic in the game when cait and naut called my mom a bitch). And if you are out there hating being toxic and flaming or just typing bad things, Think a little before you do cuase there is other kids like me out there. I usally dont take things so serious but now i got mad and stuff. So think when you are typing stuff. Peace
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