I just don't care anymore, any tips?

So, I have been playing this game since s3, perma ban after perma ban, I am doing very well on this account, I don't feed, I don't rage etc. but my team still sucks. Like, they aren't just bad, they straight up look like the kind of people you'd expect in the first normal bot game to see. Am I always playing like faker? Of course not, but overall I see I pressure a lot, pretty much tax nothing so the laner can get even further ahead, get objectives etc. only to lose at 35 min or so. After a long time I just realized: I don't care about this game anymore. As in, when I lose (or carry and win for that matter) I don't look forward to playing another one. Any tips on how to actually enjoy this not so enjoyable game? Am I the only one who thinks this game is broken, not fun, boring, and above all: For snowflakes?
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