Banned because people gang up on me

game 1: Game 1 In-Game Heli0s123: please cover Heli0s123: ward my blue if possible Heli0s123: morde reported Heli0s123: need farm im behind now Heli0s123: bot sums? Heli0s123: told u Heli0s123: lmao lb Heli0s123: this is inting now Heli0s123: run to me Heli0s123: next time u plau Heli0s123: nope Heli0s123: u are Heli0s123: u run away from me Heli0s123: nvm Heli0s123: im the only good one on the team Heli0s123: bye Heli0s123: im not ksing man Heli0s123: im the only good person on the team Heli0s123: and u kite trist away from me Heli0s123: so i couldnt stop her Heli0s123: u dont understand Heli0s123: and your arrogcance wont allow u to understand gg Heli0s123: this game is my fault according to my team Heli0s123: yup Heli0s123: always blame jungler <3 Heli0s123: im dead morde Heli0s123: what u want? Heli0s123: IM DEAD MORDE Heli0s123: btw Heli0s123: when i ping u Heli0s123: for lvl3 gank Heli0s123: u ping me back Heli0s123: he roamed and killed me Heli0s123: thats on u Heli0s123: this loss Heli0s123: is on u Heli0s123: inting reported Heli0s123: gj pyke Heli0s123: i took all drakes Heli0s123: <3 Heli0s123: alone Heli0s123: no help Heli0s123: ganked every lane succesfull Heli0s123: and get to deal with ur flame Heli0s123: all the time ez Heli0s123: gg 2 u Heli0s123: u die because ur bad not because of me Heli0s123: u have a great support Heli0s123: ur just bad Heli0s123: sure mure all Heli0s123: we can win this Heli0s123: gj Heli0s123: why u steal man Heli0s123: ezreal horrible being Heli0s123: 9x ezreal hyper toxic he needs the ban he desrves Heli0s123: im so bad lol Heli0s123: my fault again i know Heli0s123: always my fault Heli0s123: i wasnt even in range i just respawned Heli0s123: i fight now its good right? Heli0s123: they will go drake come fight Heli0s123: fml Heli0s123: gg w Post-Game Heli0s123: toxic team :) Heli0s123: 9x this ezreal plz Heli0s123: i did not u liar Heli0s123: ur gonna get banned ez Game 2 Pre-Game Heli0s123: invade In-Game Heli0s123: 4v3 go Heli0s123: ff Heli0s123: next Heli0s123: skill diffrence is 2 huge Heli0s123: let me die like that xD Heli0s123: we will lose Heli0s123: gg wp Heli0s123: u engage 1v3 Heli0s123: is that smart? Heli0s123: didnt lok smart Heli0s123: they have 2 kills now Heli0s123: 9x sion Heli0s123: hard report sion he is toxic and grieving because we took scuttle Heli0s123: make sure he gets perma ban Heli0s123: it soke Heli0s123: im better than anyone u ever played with Heli0s123: this is toxic Heli0s123: im muting all bye Heli0s123: wow trist Heli0s123: wow Heli0s123: lol trist took no dmg from the turret shot wtf Heli0s123: lucky timing Heli0s123: atleast some one binded jhin and got u 2 kills Heli0s123: nice auto attack cancel i payed Heli0s123: 9 x trist toxic af Heli0s123: wait they stole it xD? Heli0s123: sion tell me to hit 1 q again Heli0s123: sion Heli0s123: plz tell me im bad again Heli0s123: xD Heli0s123: xD Heli0s123: this sion needs a ban Heli0s123: no joke Heli0s123: flames Heli0s123: fails smite Heli0s123: ints early Heli0s123: see Heli0s123: xD Post-Game Heli0s123: 9x sion toxic af plz Heli0s123: LMAO Heli0s123: hahahahaah Heli0s123: i just had a bad game my friend Heli0s123: calm yourself Heli0s123: check history its oke man Heli0s123: I did Heli0s123: but its oke Heli0s123: u flame now aswell Heli0s123: while u told us we flamed Heli0s123: don't become what you despise man Heli0s123: done with what man Heli0s123: now u flame ? Heli0s123: u saw the ward they stood on Heli0s123: while they invaded right? Heli0s123: they where 3 Heli0s123: oke bye man You really permanently banned me for this ? FYI i know somehow riot doesn't care about context but the people i was chatting with where way more toxic. I don't int games, I don't grief games and I do not deserve a permanent ban. when people gang up on you that is when you are simply another victim of riots flawed report system. DO your job you have received enough money from me and other players to implement a correct sanctioning system. the fact that i got targeted costed me a lot of euro's and simply referring to the summoners code in 9 out of 10 games people do not live by does not work. by that logic you should have more banned accounts than active accounts.
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