Permanent chat ban due to toxic behaviour instead of complete ban.

Hi! So to make a long story short; 2 years ago I was a really toxic player in the League, and sometimes as a person aswell. However, I got Permanently banned due to my toxic behaviour. In my opinion, it is completely wrong to take the account away from me completely since I was just a toxic player, flaming and blaming every one else. I would suggest you, at Riot Games, to change something. This would be for you to Permanently chat ban really toxic players instead of taking their accounts away. I was never a player to greif, all I wanted to do was to win that god damn ranked game to rank up, right? That is where stuff got wrong. I also started player way erlier than I am allowed to, and that could also be a part of why I was so toxic, who liked to have a 12-13 year old player in your game? No one, probably. I want my account back now, I have learned my lession now after 2 years of being banned, and I believe everyone who has been banned for this long agrees with me. I wish I could just play the game again on my account, that I have spent a lot of money on. Please change your rules Riot, and unban me, and the others. Permanently chat ban me please <3
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