Level 1-30 my experience.

So I gave my old account away to my friend so i decided to level a new one this is my story :). theres 3 type of people that fester in this bracket. 1) Plat-Diamond smurfs that ROFLSTOMP the entire game. 2) Previously banned accounts who didnt learn from there previous experiences, some of the things ive been called are just.. hurtful to be honest 3) Delusional people, that seem to be that angry that they've gone back into the primal state and lose all intelligence and reasoning. I've probably reported about 30 people and got 9 instant feedback messages.. more than ive ever had in my entire time playing league which tells me this bracket is the most painful and toxic to behold. I really do feel sorry for the people who have just got the game because it looked pretty fun and they're still learning the game only to be told to die, %%%, get cancer and uninstall. Riot games. As a passionate player who really does enjoy league i pleed to you... PLEASE take a look at this bracket and understand how miserable and just... Sad the whole experience is leveling to 30. Thank you for reading guys have a wonderful day xx
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