How to keep good mentality when you get this ....?

A good friend of mine who's great in mid and supp wants to get placed in gold ( last season was gold 3) , the guy was spectacular in both roles but we encounter bad junglers and tops for 5 games in a row , despite of the performances and the S's we get in all games, we still lose LP until he got placed to silver 1, no matter how we type to the team to group up , they just went all in and die 1v3 and so, as an ADC I can barely kill 2 until they all focus me and then easy kill the feeding top and jungler. needless to say my friend got really upset because no matter what he does he is still losing LP and not getting the rank he wanted it ( and deserved imo), I wrote here to see if we're not alone in this disaster XD , and how to keep good mentality when you did all you could and you still lose LP, despite of you following the rules , in a row and not getting the deserved rank based on the performance?
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