Get this Idea Seen! A Small Step To Help Players Reform and Improve Their Own Attitude.

To help players reform better and improve there attitude. Riot should simply put of a limit of 3 accounts per email address. Why? you ask? It will help monitor those who purposely go around breaking the summoners code, and causing a negative atmosphere. They can track this through the system when you create an account and it would also appear under your account details. An if they mess up on one account Riot can then send them an email telling them all 3 or 2 accounts are under audit to monitor there behaviour. To stop them behaving the same way on a ''new'' account. There is pro's and con's to this I'm sure. But in hindsight it's a pretty good idea. It helps keep track of those constantly breaking the rules on another account and thinking they can get away with it. And it would be easier to punish the offender. Speaking to Riot support directly, a member of their team said they wouldn't mind this idea. But that's something we as a community must decide. Please discuss! Add ideas, comments. Be realistic about this please.
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