Autoban system sucks, change my mind!

Everyday i see people being banned for very stupid reasons by the autoban system. It is time Riotgames to hire people that will actually check if someone really deserves a punishment because that bot will ban you even if you say a joke, even if you tell simply "shut up" to someone that is wishing you the worst things in the universe as he is trolling your next division promos just because has nothing better to do. There are 2 solutions to solve the issue - first, Riotgames hires 2-4 (or more) employers that works on shifts and their only job is to give permisions to the autoban system to ban a player AFTER actually reading the chat logs. Second solution - remove the autoban system and give players centairn amount of reports they can give for a week so they don't abuse it, make some limit of maximum reports that players shouldn't cross and once they cross it give them the punishment. That will work waaaay better than the bot that bans people for silly reasons.
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