Ban Blog: Day 11 of 14, I still got it

Hey guys :D im back with the daily ban blog on day 11 now! only 3 more days to go and i will be ban free and no longer a toxic player ^^ or at least i hope anyways, with that terrible start lets just get straight to it **quickly getting back to my good self** the past couple of days i decided to play mostly ranked soloq and good news my mentality and overall skill level is shooting up fast and back to what i should be at the start of this smurf my mmr was only around mid gold but the past 10 games i played i saw my mmr shoot up and fast as now i am currently at plat 5 mmr which is just amazing honestly im happy to see i have found a new setup for my mordekaiser and getting amazing results in doing so! Overall its been a good day for me and this was like the cherry on top of the cake just awesome stuff **quiet day at work** Usually i like quiet days but i dunno it was kinda boring most of the time I mean i still had fun talking to my work mates but when its boring and quiet the day just goes on forever which is really annoying but i tried my best to just keep my head up as much as i could luckily sundays are always busy so i will actually have a lot of work to do tomorrow but it just kills my mood when its so quiet like that usually and surprisingly i managed to keep myself in control so in a way its a sign of my mentality improving which is awesome either way **Complicated situation** since the ban i have had a lot of time to get to know my work colleagues a lot better as usually i would just go to work, focus on work and studying league strats while working and then going home i was usually pretty quiet but without putting all the time into it i spend a lot of time catching up with workmates and i recently learned through texting one of them that they actually have a crush on me. honestly i dont know how i feel about it, I mean she is a really great person i think she is honestly awesome but i just got out of a pretty rough relationship and im just not sure im ready to jump back into the deep end so soon but at the same time i dont wanna hurt her feelings as we do work together, like i just dont want there to be any weird or bad atmospheres between us so i just have just stayed my normal self as of now but i feel she wants an answer from me I just dont know what to do honestly I was thinking about going on a date with her but its all just very complicated for me in an emotional way. **My feelings on league as of now** Starting to feel this daily question is starting to become obsolete because im just gonna say the same thing everytime and that is im enjoying the hell out of this game again. Everything is working the way i want it to and im doing great at the game again so i really cant complain about anything I mean im still gonna keep doing this everyday in case of any sudden changes but yeah as of now I love league of legends and i probably always will Thanks for reading :D if you are new to this blog series then please go check it out from day 1 I re-read it myself and its pretty awesome to see how such a negative person like mself turned so positive as time went by and for those who have been here since day 1 you guys are honestly amazing! Have fun on the rift guys! :D
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