New to this game, got camped by smurfs and got reported by my smuf team, now banned

Hello everybody, I am new to this game and I have just turned level 15. I have not raged a single time and have tried my best every time, again and again, no matter how hard I feed, I try to be the best for my team and try my best. A couple of days ago however, I got matched against a team full smurfs and got somewhat of a smurf team, one "smurf" decided to troll by just insta-locking my toplane (I called first and then locked in renekton). So, no big deal I thought, I only pointed out the fact that I had called top first. Now, I got camped quite hard and got killed every single time. Considering I am new to this game, I tried my best to ward and still try to get some farm, but the other laner kept on stealing my cs (played garen) and got away everytime their jungle ganked us. He ran away and I got stuck in a 2 versus 1 and ended up dying. I did not say a bad word at all, in matter of fact: I told the team they deserved the win afterwards and just told the enemy team I had called top first when they asked why we did not have a support, but instead duo top. Now, after they kept on ganking me and eventually decided to dive me when they were both fed enough, I couldn't do anything. Eventually I lost pleasure in playing the game and wanted to surrender, I told my team I was getting ganked and garen did not help me, but instead my team flamed me and told me harsh things, even though I am new to this game so I don't know everything yet. Did I eventually end up feeding the enemy team? Yes. Did I do it on purpose? No. But as I were saying, I lost my pleasure in the game and asked whether we could surrender (team agreed somewhat) and I had only boots (I was trying to save up for a bit more strong tank item, I had a total earning of about 3,6k, considering garen would also steal my farm everytime while saying quite mean things. Now, I, got banned for 14 days just because of this game, I played all my games very good and had this one bad game, in which I did NOT flame. I told the enemy team they had deserved their win and said nothing bad about them OR anything bad against my team. My question now would be: How can it be I get banned for 14 days, for 1 game in which I obviously lacked skill-wise and knowledge-wise while being flamed and bullied by someone else, while he was also disrupting my lane? - He denied me farm - He did not help me when their jungler kept on ganking top (or even when they would dive me) - He did not help me understand the game or even teach me new things on how I don't feed or what I could've done better - he bullied me the whole game and insulted me ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **But I get banned for 14 days, because of one game in which I, yet again: got beaten skill-wise and knowledge-wise against obvious smurfs.** Now, I have been looking around a bit to find out whether it's bannable when you play bad or have a bad game. While being on this search I came across a player called meteos, who was intentionally feeding on stream, while being also drunk in a competitive match, but I read he did not get banned. So the other question would be: How can it be he can feed on purpose, but doesn't get banned and I do get banned for NOT feeding on purpose, while still doing my best?
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