Okay so here me out i understand riots punishments towards those who leave game or go afk yes i believe they should be punished, but what i dont understand is why is it bad to be a toxic player look at other games for example fortnite or csgo you can be as toxic as you want yet you wont get banned not even a single punishment, if your argument is to keep it a peaceful game and so players wont quit, fortnite has so many toxic players yet the game base is at its peak and bet 100percent doing better than riot will, they have freedom of speech and if league doesnt allow that why have chat anyways, chat is made for communicating and saying what you want so why punish people for being toxic, there are toxic players in every game that i come across and they arent even bad you can just mute them therefore i dont think it should be a problem should it however i do believe people who ruin games such as feeding or afk should have heavy punishments just not toxic players as long as theyre not doing anything to affect other peoples games. this is my opinion and you may not agree with it but just leave some of your thoughts please
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