Players who are assigned for role they don't want

Before I used to play supp and I was having very nice time. Now I started to play adc and here is the biggest problem: All supp that I have been assigned to play with are not playing supp. The outcome is this, either they troll or they play so shitty like we have to ff15. Can Riot ask people when they dodge, what is the reason why they decided to dodge so we can have some idea? To be honest, I would be happy to wait 10 minutes to play with proper supp, than wasting 5 games to have proper fun. Now when I am assigned for supp, I really do not give a shit about ADCs, cuz when I assigned for ADC, all I am getting is shitty supp so I just go whoaver champ I want like Taliyah, Viktor or whatever... Thank you for this community to turning me into something like this.

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