Can someone explain to me why I got punished by Riot?

I keep getting chat restrictions even though I never flame. The only explanation I've been able to work out is that Riot doesn't actually review reports (even automatically), but after a certain (low) number of people report you, you get punished even if you didn't say a word. Very weird system. Here are the logs if someone wants to explain to me how I was "toxic" in any way. Background: Yorick rage quit the game @5 minutes, so we had to play 4v5, and Ashe flame me for no reason. And it wasn't ranked. X: ashe... X: open bot X: ? X: fast end pls X: and 9x yorick X: me for? X: report ashe X: ashe why u do this to me? X: free double kill for u X: but instead u prefer to afk watch me die X: not without ult idiot.. X: l2p X: troll? assisting enemy team? X: idk why this guy lies but yeah rep yorick afk X: yes X: can u say that in english? X: i dont speak whatever that is X: ? X: what can u even say to ppl like this X: nice q fiddle X: report yorick afk ggwp ez X: ez

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