Thank you Riot./ I have reformed.

I wanted to both say, Thank you Riot. In the past, I was punished for unsportsmanlike conduct (Very much so deserved) However, I realised that my account could be permanently suspended. I have alot of runes pages, a few champions, Some cool skins. I'd rather not lose. But that's not the main motivator that made me reform. The main motivator is that I am unranked player, Who plays almost only normals. This puts me in matches usually with other unranked players, or high bronze, low silver players. I don't want to say it is all of these players, but alot of players I was matched with were very toxic. Either in chat, or in their actions. This still happens mind you. (See Links) []( []( I intentionally blurred out the names for obvious reasons. But despite building full AP jarvan, or 6 tears run down mid Ziggs. I never flamed my team. (I didn't actually talk to my team past, Wp, Good job etc.) And despite having been punished in the past, I just wanted to give a big thank you, to riot. For noticing that I have been more sportsmanlike and even rewarding it (I can't earn chests because of past punishment, but I appreciate the gesture all the same.) So I posted this in the hopes either someone at riot will see this, and can pat themselves on the back. Or other people can see it. Since I think it's important to showcase the sportsmanlike players in the community, especially when a lot of focus is going on toxic players. Also, please feel free to post any other forms of being sportsmanlike, It's about time people got to showcase and take pride, in being a player who's making the community better for everyone.
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