People giving up too easily

Why do people do this? Ever since I went to Plat, most games were like that and it's pretty frustrating. Scores are 7/11 and they have one drake at 12 minutes and people on my team want to surrender. Don't people want to actually play the game? People had a bad time at lane and they are like "Yeah I dont want to play anymore, see ya" And the worst of all, after surrender vote fails, they don't play anymore. What's the point of voting if you are going to FORCE your opinion on the game to others? My point is, if you are one of those people, please don't be one of those people. And also, because I'm sure someone will say that I'm saying all of that because I can't climb, I could easily reach Dia if I wanted. Thing is I have to try much more than now, which is a lot of work for a digital border and a fancy icon. I'm just saying that because after every game I lose this way I feel bad, since I didn't get to even play the game. Things like that make me want to quit the game...
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