please review my ban tencent

hi, so i was permabanned for unsportsmanlike behaviour, it's been about 5 weeks now and i've been thinking about the whole thing to find out what i'm doing wrong, because i love this game, although i hate it's player base and i want to find a compromise, i would love to play this game without having to experience other players, and i've realised that i havent been using the "mute all" feature, which is going to help, that being said the real issue behind my own behaviour is a personal one, i'm struggling in my day to day emotionally, and when something that's supposed to be a source of joy and entertainment quickly turns into a a nightmare, i admit alot of it is my own fault, for engaging in that type of behaviour and for being weak minded to cave into a lvel of toxicity myself, and i'm sorry about that, i don'twant to be toxic, or add it in anyway to the game, i'm currently getting help for my emotional issues, and i hope to be in a better state of mind ideally for the start of the new season, (being optmistic) so, i'm wondering if i could get a temporary unban for the christmas season? i'm not asking for a full unban, i know i dont deserve it, and in my own opinion i need a bit more time to collect myself and approach the situation fresh, but i would be eternally grateful if i could get just a week of league of legends during the christmas season. thanks for taking the time to read this, and please let me know if theres anything more you'd like to expect from me in the future, i really want to make this work

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