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​There is no option to disable the chat completely. The Level of Toxicity in League is the highest i've ever experienced, yet there is still no option to disable the chat. If you implement such an option and let other players know from beginning of the game or even in champselect "LoLPlayer5000 has disabled the chat", you might be able to stop players from being so toxic in chat / champselect. Also let players know if they got muted "you have been muted by XYZ" in chat - or "Your pings have been muted by XYZ" ---- so that they realize that it makes no sense to type any further. League has to stop those keyboardwarriors... yeah and now ur telling "you can type /mute all at the beinning" ---- yeah i know, and thats often what i do - but to win you sometimes need to try to stop those babies to rage at each other - and I dont want to tell everyone that im gonna mute all at beginning, i want the game to tell my teammates that "writing makes no sense" cause "PlayerXYZ has disabled the chat" - i dont want to have to type it everytime - AND i even dont want to read the (excuse me) bullshit some people are talking in champselect or endscreen. Its an easy option to implement and it would have such great impact on the game. League is in a bad state right now and its getting worse, mabye now is the time to get rid of some of the most annoying aspects of the game.
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