Example of toxic player in after game chat

tp=toxic player, np=normal player, me= me np: i will report u chill tp: i actualy hope that you get cancer in realty tp: but for real np: ??? tp: and i dont hope that you die from that i just want you to have cancer whole life tp: and to have pain np: id like to see ur face irl tp: cringe lord tp: and watch your family die in pain tp: yor mum is probably fked by dog tp: and that is how you entered this fking world np: ye at least i got one tp: dog fked your mum so hard np: urs left u 1 year ago cus she realized that ur cringe tp: you are autistic and soon youll get cancer np: ye nice np: grow up np: improve np: get some life np: before its too late np: ^_^ tp: i have life tp: but i am not idiot whos mom is %%%%ed by dog np: i would doubt that one np: u dont have life xd tp: so my soul is typping me: ^^we all need a life instead of arguing in internet tp: you are so autistic tp: so you think that i am actualy mordekaiser in real life np: yeah np: u should ult urself np: from this world tp: im just confused how your mum and your dad who is dog and %%%ed your mam dont say to you to not play this game np: pathetic np: and thats the pure example of you having no life tp: you are pathetic %%%%ing kurva np: ye ye np: anything else? tp: agan autistic 10 years old kid thinking that im soul np: u have np: some mental problems np: i can see that np: can u ezreal? me: *eating popcorn* no comment tp: im not sure if you as autistic cancerous dogshit 10 years old kid can tell if someone have mental problems np: u cant even speak english properly np: XD np: i cant stop laughing np: like literally tp: cuz im not dogshit like you tp: and in our country we dont even learn english in scool tp: but as i am IQ 200 i learned it myself tp: without needing help as autistic kid np: xD np: u are np: such comedian tp: you %%%ing dogshit shut the %%% up np: hahaha tp: dogs are not created to talk like autistic in games tp: they are pets but you are so autistic dog tp: not even dog tp: you are his sh*t tp: you %%%ing dogshit np: woof woof tp: youre cow piss tp: CowPiss np: oh really? np: wow tp: and you smell like sh*t np: so am i piss or sh1t np: or piss of sh1t tp: and your dog father is cumingon you every day np: XD np: i cant XD tp: youre also drinking your motherspiss tp: and if you ever have sex you will have it with your father dog np: oh thats an interesting one np: ye i think so tp: if you have sexit will be with father dog np: okay so np: summary is np: u should visit some tp: and he will %%%k you in your mouth just like he %%%ked your mom np: doctor stuff tp: you need to go to bed why are you still on pc? ah yes your mom and dogfather are calling you for diner np: and you will have something special to eat np: ye ye np: thanks for caring tp: you are going to have dogshit np: your moms 4ss tp: also your favorite drink tp: cows and catspiss np: XD np: yummy tp: but dont worry tp: everything will be fine np: yeah thank you man np: have a good one np: and goodnight :) tp: cuz when you eat and drink your favoriteshit you will suck your own dogfathers%%%% np left the lobby me: This chat is beautiful :D This is closer to art

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