Get chat restriction for telling the truth.

riot your a joke. ame 1 looonster: STOP FEEDNNG looonster: 32 cs looonster: ffs looonster: why me looonster: gj looonster: reprot after looonster: help mid mabye? looonster: please looonster: dont fight looonster: weak AF looonster: can we ff looonster: honestly i hate playing with such bad players looonster: you dotn deserve to even try to win looonster: all off you looonster: report for intigjn looonster: push mid looonster: pls looonster: bro its over looonster: got a inting adc and you keep trying to fight a feed enemy looonster: get realk looonster: press yes or waste more time looonster: cool looonster: im not letting this inting adc win looonster: doesnt get to win looonster: yeh report me looonster: im the problem looonster: that whats wrong with this game looonster: you think its me looonster: but its really this adc that just tilts their own team looonster: easy ^^^ adc went 0/14 but me pointing it out and reasoning that we should FF is the problem. Also I having a chat restriction is actually what I want all the time.
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