How to win ranked games!

1. Don't be toxic! You will play 20 games and in 50% of them some laners will feed! Raging at them or spamming "report" is only going to lose your game 100%!! Not only he is tilted enough because he %%%%ed up and now he is struggling but you are basically telling him its over! You are spamming "report" in all chat You get tilted yourself! and you may tilt other people as well.. and the toxicity just spreads like cancer and ruins your game.. 2.Main a champion! 1 champion! and 2-3 others that you actually fully know! You are used to their dmg's, their mobility, their roaming, teamfighting, farming from behind and all that shit! 3 Never give up! Everyone fails lane! You cannot say that you 100% win lane everygame! Even people at masters or challenger go 0/7 sometimes! What's important is not to tilt and work in a team! 4.If someone flames someone else in your team make sure you comfort the other person and atleast try! If you join the toxic person and flame 2x. You basically don't want to play with this guy! You might as well just ff!
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