Snowflakes &Unfair Bans/Restrictions

So today 22.10.2017 I received 25 chat restricted because in 2 games I've been toxic,yea I know I shouldn't have write in chat because chat must be forbidden,I do not know who was the snowflake who got offended by getting called bad,probably was Rakan(my support)whom I tought we were kidding and joking and friend like insults,the other game I was Akali where I lost mid and I've been constantly ganked,and of course I got angry and I told Rammus,our jungler,to never play jungler again(he finished with 1 or 2 assists anyway)he got mad and called me a %%%%,okay!Nasus,our toplaner,was flaming my friend Tristana,so we got into a verbal fight where Rammus entered aswell Janna!Long story short we lost,all of us got angry except my friend who was chill until we finished the game!So today my complaiment is why did I get 25 chat restricted(I got 10 before)whilelist the others,I bet they are playing right now,I didn't or I've never been informed of their situation,just because I was toxic,because in my oppinion a competitive game like League of Legends will bring out anger and hate,you'd be delusional to think otherwise!I know toxicity isn't a sportmanlike,but I find it strange that from 25 chat restricted you can get PERMANENTLY BANNED,whereas there are people that TROLL and INT. FEED and basiclly ruins the game,but yea they're okay as long as they're quiet and don't flame,because nothing screams like fun that getting your game ruined!Toxicity in LoL will always be there and no matter how much you try to remove it,it will be brought back!In my oppinion the penalities for toxic behaviour are way too severe,and should be lowered,and heck if you want to truly reduce the toxicity maybe bring fun and CO-OP mods,not just restrict them and bring them back from 1 or 2 months!At this point you might think that I deserve my punishment,but I do think that I don't because in game 1 Rakan was insulting me for his deaths,calling me bad and telling me to unistall,I must say I am hot tempered and If I don't hit back I'll rip my hair off my head,it's not fair that I must hold that though and take the insult in me just so I could report someone and RUIN his day aswell,instead of just fighting,making peace and becoming friends(this happens a lot where I live and many friends I made this way),and in game 2 our Nasus started the fight which really made me angry by calling my friend(a piece of sh*t who stole his role as ADC)despite the fact that he didn't even bother calling a line or role,and it didn't help the fact that I've been losing my lane because of their very good jungler,and the cherry on the cake that made me very angry was our midlaner in game 1 Ahri who INT. FEED for not getting blue and 2nd game, our jungler,top and support who have given up on the game instead of just playing it,so instead of punishing the ones giving up and INT. FEEDING you punish me because I get angry when these people ruin the game,this is unfair,and it doesn't help the fact that you promote this behaviour by bringing EMOTES,as if it wasn't enough to get killed by Darius on top proceeded by his stupid dance to humiliate you,I know you can mute the EMOTES,but not the action such as LAUGHTER and DANCE,but no person will mute someone without reason!What's going on,am I supposed to become the most calm person in the world and enjoy the game while people left and right TROLL,FEEDS and GO AFK?!If that's the case you should've permanently ban me,because a game cannot truly change the way a man is made,thank you if you read until now and I hope you have a nice day!
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