I really disgusting with this sh*tty Community

Dear Community, I am doing this because I am totally angry to players who tryharding in normal.Can you explain me why you fu*king tryhard in normal game?Its too cool to win?Ok sorry for that , but I want to explain me how to be chill with that kind of moment , I am playing against %%%%%%ed enemy Kha'Zix who bm=ing me and counter jungling with their opponents too.And ofc I cant do nothing , I want some advice how to avoid that trash players who really do that.Thanks and sorry , but I really really angry atm.. And I abstained , I really abstained to didn't harrasm him , but when I wanted to focus on farming and he comes every time I was literally done , and of course I said that (K*s) because of all my angry emotions. And because a tons of raging because this game is based to be angry and enemy jungle said ( TY FOR THE GAME) I got 14 days ban..Why I really hate this fking game.. https://imgur.com/a/Y0h0c
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