*Experiment* For my next 25 games I am not going to report anyone.

No matter how toxic they are, not matter how vile they are no matter if they go afk I won't report anyone. I realised that I am now, reporting atleast 1 person per game for being excessively toxic, tilt feeding or just afk'ing. Instead I'll make a log over here about my next 25 normal games of why I wanted to report the players (without naming them) and why the environment is becoming a little too hot for me ._."... In all my 25 games, i'll fill role to be the most easy to get along with person and I won't use chat unless it is to keep timers. Let's see how this works out. I'll post a conclusion after my 25th game. Peace *Update* Hey guys, 9 more games and we are done. Am aggregating the data and it seems pretty cool Just need help with all the possible quantitative statistics I can get out from my logs. Up till now, the compilation has No. of players afk: x/225 No. of players flamed: x/225 % of games that warranted reporting No. of wrongful report threats: No. of games that were won with an afk: No. of games that were had mismatched matchmaking Am gonna make this post infographic style. Would appreciate thoughts on what more info you guys would like to see :) !!
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