Pre-Game Vote to Kick System [Suggestion]

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@SephyGG Yeah, I honestly really like the idea. I wish I had more say in making this a thing but sadly I don't :( I honestly highly recommend posting this over on the boards though ( The devs love to lurk there see what crazy ideas people have :D ~Platy
So as the link describes i'd like to add more protection to players from Trolling/stream snipers/intentional feeders. **_Let me start by saying i don't think this should be available to anyone but solo/duos. I also believe it should require all 4 other players to kick. _** I've played this game since early S4 and i've never seen the situation this bad where players will intentionally troll others for no reason or because of a previous games issues and the two players just happened to be in the same game again. So all 4 other players need to suffer from the toxic behaviour of 1 for a previous "bad game". What i'm suggesting is a Vote to kick + algorithm in place to identify 2 players who have played in the last (3?) games in the same game together. This would effectively act as a dodge for all players without the loss of LP and no need to go into the game or wait for 15minutes or be reported for possible "open mids" when the system can see you afk'd at 8mins from being griefed. This i believe should also extend to the players who have been reported for Int'ing/AFKing from a previous game, re-queuing and the system recognises both players are in the same game yet again and thus creates a dodge once that player is reported in the pregame menu. Without a "vote to kick" being initiated. Yes, i do see the negative side of possible longer queues and isolation, however i also recognise this would be largely beneficial to those who get stream sniped by 1 individual and they know them. It would benefit the morale of players knowing they aren't stuck with the same "bad apples" and can do something about it without losing LP, it'd also be something that can only be used when all 4 teammates agree OR the system sees that 2 players on the same team have been matched together while an INT report is pending. The vote to kick system could easily be enforced by OP.GG'ing a summoners stats and seeing if the call for a kick vote is legit. This would also largely help with current toxic behaviour in league and could allow a better idea of which players should be matched together based on the "honor system" in place in a future update. Implementation shouldn't be too difficult and i believe it'd put less strain on servers as players wouldnt need to finish a 15minute game in which someone is inting/griefing.
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