People behaviour when I pick Yuumi

Dear Riot. Its been a while since I played League (Had a break for around 1.5 year). After that time, I decided to check new champions as I like some of your designs (Models, SFX, Animations etc.) and I saw Yuumi (it was 9.15) and instantly felt in love with her, especially when she's a support (my main role since forever in EVERY similar type game). I played her a lot, around 20-25 games per day as her for last few days... then 9.16 came. Currently I am unable to pick her without listening to comments or flaming in around ~50% of games. I was perma banned around 5 times for Verbal Abuse, after the mentioned break I decided to change, in my games I even saw someone saying... "First time I must mute someone, not because you're toxic, but you're overly positive and wierd" (Yeah, I talk a lot as Yuumi) :) but no one never mentioned that I AFK. Now I am flammed and commented all the time, and even thou I report if they use like overly-offensive language, it won't do anything, because most of them are not that bad people to get punished, but they simply go to next game and forget everything, and I go over and over with the same behaviour that slowly just kills anything positive I had when came back to League. I have a simple question... are there any plans for bringing her back to somewhere old level or any other buffs to W or E so I can play as heal-cat, instead poke'uumi like in 9.15. Or am I forced to basically to leave League again, and maybe come back again when she's buffed or you create another "unique" support/support-like champion? tbh. it saddens me that I could enjoy her for barely few days and the things I have sometimes to read. (Which I can't even post due to "Naming and Shaming" rule).
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