Unexpected 14 day ban, not unjustified but very sudden (no prior offenses of any sort)

I have had my account for a good 5 years now, and am slightly confused by this recent development. First and foremost, I would like to mention that I have had no issues with the tribunal before now, not even a chat restriction. Often, when I play with friends as premade (generally 3-5 people), we occasionally like to have some banter with eachother in the chat. Admittedly, it is sometimes fairly vulgar and not necessarily politically correct. In this instance I mocked a friend of mine, and "flamed" him because he intentionally let me die a few times/did things to mess with me. Nothing seemed amiss following this game, however after the next game we played my client informed me that i was banned for 14 days and immediately exited/crashed(I dont really know). The reason I am creating this thread is that I didnt flame/insult anybody who wasnt a premade of mine, and didn't get a report from them, and to my knowledge the rest of my team didnt report me either. In my knowledge and experience, friends of mine/other players I know have gotten away with a chat restriction for far worse comments (this instance was an inside joke between the player "smurfboiiii" and myself. Hence, I was surprised about immediately getting a 14 day ban for this with no priors. Also, I want to know how this is treated after the conclusion of the ban. This acount has over 2000€ invested into it, and as such it would be very worrisome if for a minor offense/spiteful other players i received a permaban without any further warning/way of informing me that I am doing something that others do not like. In the future I shall just keep my mouth shut in chat, however I wanted to know if this is common and how it continues on from here. best regards, OG Feedboi
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