My experience this mounth on league of legends

fk league of legends, idiotic game. have fking tryhardat in ranked a whole fking month. and I've got more fking feeders and afk and trolls more than my games that I've totally played. The shity game makes you toxic especially when you are fking addicted like me. The problem with it is that your fking buddies that are also addicted flame people as well which that make those people flame other peope and it continues on. this has month been the worst month in my %%%%ing life. I do not care about myself anymore, I'm not doing somthing good for me anymore or something that's positive except going to school. League makes you toxic when you get an idiot who feeds the match or when the other players start falming you when you accidentally give away a kill. Then if you get flamed for that you will give 1000 more kills not just one, and throws away the game. I do not want to play the crazy game, it makes people very easy to be tilted when fking monkeys are in the game. Fk league, it is a very bad , toxic, idiotic game, people get mad at it so fking easily. I am not trying to offend anyone who plays the game. You can enjoy it if you like it but i am just asking you guys, please tryhard and not troll. This is the only thing i am asking you.
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