This Game is literally the very worse.

this game, is quite literally, the very, very worst of everything that is terrible and bad, and absolutely negative to the very core of its existence, from the banning system, to the support team, to the players, to the very characters in the game, but right now, i wanna discuss this outrageously pathetic banning system. i have been playing this sorry excuse of a game since draven was the newest champ on the login screen, it was an amazing feeling to first play it, and i picked shen in my very first game back in the day, and i got wrecked during that game, because i only picked him cuz i liked every ninja-like characters in general, so i went with the looks, and throughout the years, i have been talking trash when i needed to, i dont randomly talk shit, but when someone purposely tries to sabotage the game, he gets what he asks for, because for every action there is a reaction and it seems like riot is absolutely oblivious not to know that, so i quit the game for a couple of years, and a few months ago, i came back, and got constantly banned from a week, gradually went with a month ban then boom, perma banned, because this community has become such a kpop loving snowflakes with tender feelings and support gillet's commercial video and thinks talking shit is something negative by also realizing that they are the reason why the match sucked ass, they know it straight up and even the team members are calling them out for purposely feeding and making the game a total pain in the balls to handle. i got perma banned and the support team only replied to me saying that the ban wont be lifted, and they exactly asked me if there is anything i need, they're more than happy to reply to me, like... sorry what? derp? i got perma banned kid, you'd think i'll ask you about the latest skin while being perma banned? it's like when you hang on the edge of the mountain asking for help then riot comes to the rescue and be like "oh we cant help you get up there, is there something else you need, sir? oh the weather looks just fine, oh don't be toxic for asking for help because when you die you respawn gg ez wp" and when they banned me, they totally forgot that they unabanned Tyler1, the streamer i never watched, well i never watched any streamer anyway, they treated me like a piece of garbage the next emails i sent them, and i mentioned Tyler1 because they dont wanna treat me the same as they did with him because well "im not as famous as Tyler%%%%ing1", they basically dont give a flying %%%% about you, and they obviously used an auto reply AI robot to answer me, which was too obvious it wasnt a real person, and the only time it was a real person, was when i sent them the last email, and said he wont reply to any further question regarding this same issue, which is an asshole move and thing to say to someone who invested countless amount of hours and money buying your stupid skins you spineless %%%%s, and they constantly ignore the part each time i mention that im an old player who just wants his account back, and i was a day 1 kind of player who invested a lot of time into the game, that didn't move them one bit, absolute ruthless %%%%s, they actually become more rude each time i mention to them that im an old player in the community, straight up ungrateful %%%%s. but then i made a new account, with no progression whatsoever, bland as %%%%, and just got banned for 14 days for basically saying nothing but asking my ass jungler to gank for my lane, yes i did wish for him to get his ass kicked in real life for being an idiot, but that just gives you a tiny idea how much of a %%%%ing shithole the community and banning system had become, you basically get banned for reacting to anything, quite %%%%ing literally. this is the very only game i actually get upset with, and i play many games, but these asshats in riot dont realize that we as players playing a %%%%ing moba game means we put in a good hour in each match wasting our %%%%ing time on a meaningless world of virtual achievement and wasting our lives into something we'll never get something out of, my point? don't ban people for talking shit in a moba game, im spending an hour a match in your cancerous game, and you have the shameless guts to ban me for being upset for losing? not to mention how your absolutely %%%%%%ed cock sucking AI banning robot doesnt ban people who say the word "ez" whenever they beat you, and it's always the enemy team who says that of course, because im not %%%%ing sure whats the point of the /all chat, seriously, whats the %%%%ing point of it? it's like you made this %%%%ing chat so you can get angry and talk shit because the enemy player said "ez" and started taunting you so you can talk shit and get banned, the enemy team purposely wait for you to talk shit so they can all report you and get banned by exploiting the cock sucking AI robot banning %%%%head, why the %%%% is that all chat exist in such a piece of shit community of absolute %%%%s? just why? oh now you're gonna tell me to mute them? THEN WHY THE %%%% DID THAT CHAT EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE? IT WAS NEVER USED FOR WHATEVER REASON IT WAS MADE FOR, even a dildo knows why it exists, but the only piece of stupid human invention which is the /all chat doesn't know why in the %%%%s name was it made for, i cannot get over how much of a stupid idea was to allow players talk to the enemy players. but lets get something straight, as much as i don't give the slightest %%%%s about this game or company after how they treated me, i still think i owe Ryze (the skinny developer who made this game from its first days) a favor for initially making a good game, and he was a cool dude, and yes, i did watch his interview, dude sounds so down to earth, and because i think hes a cool guy i will give it one last push if it even deserves it anymore, which i already know this entire post hurt nowadays' riot's kpop loving feelings because for some reason, this company turned into an evil abomination who just hates to hear other people's honest opinion and thoughts. 1- don't try to fix your stupid robot who bans people like a glitched bugthesda patch, but, don't allow it to ban people for talking shit, you are a moba game developing company, people SHOULD get upset for losing a game, that's a natural response and indicates a healthy brain reaction and also indicates competitive nature. 2- appreciate veteran players who were the reason you are at the level you're at today, they lifted you up from when your first world championship was at a local %%%%ing internet cafe, and also show respect to the newer players, but an old costumer deserves more love for loyalty. 3- you (riot) and the dipshit community has to understand that the term "toxic" should %%%% off out of their vocabulary, that word is so misused as much as the "phobia" definition, the term "toxic" only applies to that one extender penis of a player who never communicates with the team, doesn't show any support to his team, and solely there intentionally to piss off people to report them and get them banned and jacks off each time he gets a player banned, these kinds of individuals deserve to get their asses kicked in the octagon of the UFC by Alistair Overeem, that's the proper definition of a toxic player, which is basically being a waste of oxygen piece of cow shit, and the %%%%s who say the word "EZ" whenever they win and go all angry and ask people to report their teammates, which again, brings back the discussion of why the /all chat exist in the first place. 4- when you permaban a player, and they ask for the punishment to be lifted or reduced, they should get into a trial of behaviour for 20 games, if they still acted like the correct definition of a toxic player, which is what i explained above, they stay banned for 3 months before they can ask for another trial, but if they behaved well, helped their team, communicated even if they had to spill some shit talking to prove a point, showed that they truly changed, the ban either gets lifted or reduced, depending on the player and what he did, but he/she at least has a chance of coming back, a happy customer is the company's greatest asset, give a customer a chance to return to his/her original account that he/she spent a lot of time and money on, nobody just comes back with an alt account and take it as seriously as the original one, nobody does that, and that hurts the company's economy. Final Words Look through my shit talking, i might sound rude and all of that shit, but look through all that, look at what message and value im trying to deliver here, if i really didn't give a shit, i would have just uninstalled the game and moved on and gave it all the finger without bothering posting this discussion trying to fix something that really doesn't affect me, you cant get my middle finger banned you trust me on that one, but deep down, i still see this game as something special, it does have its flaws here and there, but this is the same game i looked forward to play back home after highschool, when katarina's W used to buff her Q and throws it, and how her hair used to look like a giant tongue, i still remember these %%%%ing days, and wishing you guys a good luck, even though im almost certain this post will get deleted.{{champion:25}} and morgana is against your way of ruling riot.
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