Riot is giving you leavebuster when you dont afk or quit?

Hi In the last few months I have received a message several times that I have improved because of AFK and quit behavior, and because of that my acc status did improve again. Well, the thing is I never afk or leave a game. So can I assume that if some Rnd trolls reports me for AFK, that I'll be automatically rolled up with people with bad behavior, and without checking? well if thats so i finally quit lol, thats just %%%%ed up really. is there anything where i can find out how much i was afk in the last 6 months? so i can show you that i never quit, no matter what game and i never ever stay in base and always defend to last second even with 2 afk. the only games i quit is when riot kicked us out, and max 3-4 games because of internet loss, but 3-4 times in 6+ months, and i really do hope that you dont punish me because of that lol. did someone else make this sort of expirience?
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