I got perma banned for saying 1 rude word in 6 days :(

Hello LoL boys and girls If you are reading this you are just reading story of 1 misabearle person that got his life screwed up because everything is khm my life.First health and now LoL on end of this there will be chat log.So after 14 days ban(My first ever ban in LoL) I started being polite.I got honors every game.In 6 days i won +9 rankeds you can check my op.gg i was bad in only 1 (100% sure and i got carried by mine team.For first ban(14days) i accept that I was toxic and through that 14 days while.I was playing at friends home i wasn't that toxic at all because because ban made a effect on me.I know that 80% of you that I deserved it.But trust me I didn't i never got chat restriction in my life.And i think that I deserved chat restriction more than my Perma Ban.That was my first rude word since my 14 days ban have passed(8.9.2017).So i need 6 days to say 1 rude word even tho i carried a lot of games(match history).I tried to be positive in 1 way i even success but there is always 1 person that must make your work bad.I played 1 bad game in 12 of them and said 1 rude word "%%%ing babysit" and you call that a Flame.I am 101% sure that i didn't deserve ban.My cousin that's massive flamer and feeder getting 1000 of reports every day didnt get ban?I am most unluckiest person in world .Because I REALLY REALLY know that i didnt deserve perma ban.(Chat restriction for spamming maybe but perma ban no because i was not toxic).I got camped by elise even tho i warded she always suceeded to come some way.My jungler was farming jungle and didnt help my lane.Please.Btw getting banned for 1 game.And also to mention I've got banned once for 2 weeks true. But the point is that i was aware of that and i really was much MUCH less offensive than before. Before i used to say "get cancer" etc now i said only 1 rude word -.-(in 6 days) ?CHAT LOG: Game 1 DarkTitan7: just play safe and try not to feed them thanks DarkTitan7: wp DarkTitan7: sry DarkTitan7: %%%ing babysit (ONLY RUDE WORD) DarkTitan7: if i ignite her omg DarkTitan7: wp twitch DarkTitan7: why u didnt go on him? DarkTitan7: but ok DarkTitan7: you got 1 kill DarkTitan7: ? DarkTitan7: if i put it early DarkTitan7: no range DarkTitan7: -.- DarkTitan7: it woudnl't block it DarkTitan7: i was far behind u DarkTitan7: did lux DarkTitan7: use anything? DarkTitan7: xin? DarkTitan7: 3 gank DarkTitan7: thanks DarkTitan7: lose farm? DarkTitan7: wp teemo DarkTitan7: and? DarkTitan7: she's bad (I meant that on emy team) DarkTitan7: lux DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: ok DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: lole DarkTitan7: how did my q got canceled DarkTitan7: by my aa DarkTitan7: ok nvm DarkTitan7: 5 DarkTitan7: gankć DarkTitan7: xin DarkTitan7: can you gank sometimes DarkTitan7: like sometimes DarkTitan7: or ward the jungle DarkTitan7: lux q me through windwall thansk DarkTitan7: why? DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: this game DarkTitan7: . DarkTitan7: i cant dash DarkTitan7: through DarkTitan7: her DarkTitan7: spiders DarkTitan7: gmo DarkTitan7: stfu DarkTitan7: muted DarkTitan7: report xin ty DarkTitan7: ok DarkTitan7: i can't DarkTitan7: r DarkTitan7: her DarkTitan7: she DarkTitan7: is DarkTitan7: 2 DarkTitan7: milimetrs DarkTitan7: away from me DarkTitan7: kk DarkTitan7: i can't r you DarkTitan7: but you are 2mm from me? DarkTitan7: k DarkTitan7: ss mid DarkTitan7: are u DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: WHAT DarkTitan7: this hitbox DarkTitan7: is tilting me lul DarkTitan7: from now DarkTitan7: on DarkTitan7: i will ban lux only DarkTitan7: .. DarkTitan7: hitbox op DarkTitan7: ig ot babyitted DarkTitan7: stfu DarkTitan7: check my match DarkTitan7: history DarkTitan7: yes for getting babysitted DarkTitan7: we win DarkTitan7: easy DarkTitan7: because noone ganked you DarkTitan7: i got 6 ganks from elise DarkTitan7: 0 from xin DarkTitan7: rofl DarkTitan7: i play 1 bad game DarkTitan7: and team flame me DarkTitan7: just because you dont have money for skin and want it DarkTitan7: i wont sell it DarkTitan7: bcs of xin DarkTitan7: report xin? absolutrly DarkTitan7: tf DarkTitan7: nice farm ADC DarkTitan7: i will die for my team DarkTitan7: rofl DarkTitan7: my ult on dravne k DarkTitan7: stay in base omg DarkTitan7: teemo DarkTitan7: q DarkTitan7: draven DarkTitan7: and g DarkTitan7: if u do DarkTitan7: then carry ;) DarkTitan7: b DarkTitan7: gg DarkTitan7: reprot xin ty DarkTitan7: yes DarkTitan7: check my match history DarkTitan7: :) DarkTitan7: you got 0 gank from elise i got 6 gank DarkTitan7: lol DarkTitan7: im low DarkTitan7: bcs DarkTitan7: i dont do dmg DarkTitan7: mao check my op.gg DarkTitan7: 9 wins in a row DarkTitan7: lol DarkTitan7: gg > {{summoner:4}} Summoner has flashed away from Summoner's Rift.He will {{summoner:12}} soon
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