Honestly sick and tired

Im honestly sick and tired of losing. I know i cant win every game but this starts to gets annoying, 25 loses and 11 wins and even tryhard wins. Demoted from g1 to g3 within 2 weeks, if i remember good. Its like it happens on purpose. I dont know what I do wrong, i mostly play katarina, i roam, i help whenever needed, i buy wards i ping to my teammates i try not to flame and tilt but none of these things work. Whenever I play supp I will protect my adc to death, i will ward the whole map I will ping but I guess people are just terribly bad and seems like I deserve to have them as my teammates. I dont say that I never play bad. I will try to play as safe as I can. Its not like Im that bad as a result of losing someone's game. No no. I may play bad on some games but im still useful, I honestly dont understand. Played a game with Kat 20 mins ago, I lost it 27/12 because jungler randomly decided he didn't want to play anymore and AFKed at 12 mins, and Garen wanted to farm whole game top. I've thought million of times to uninstall this game but I always say give it a try, try again, dont give up, etc, and because I like it too. But I start to get sick and tired. Help plox. Ty everyone.
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