League is awful

Hi there Riot, This is not moaning, this is not complaining, this is a statement. This game is no longer Fun. Its just not, Peoples are toxic, and even more toxic than before. League is getting more objective based game, where teams should cooperate, But thats only in theory. IN THE REAL LIFE, its not like that(I dont count LCS), Because PEOPLES DONT WANT TO COOPERATE, but thats not the most important stuff. You are constantly changing the game to Worse, when you are making it more competitive. I don't want to be a proffesional player, I don't want to be Faker. I want to have fun, and I don't , simply because, I will quote a well known Youtuber - Bricky: "One person on your team can lose you the game, but one person on your team CANNOT win you the game. 9/1 RIVEN cannot carry the entire game like she used to, but 0/10 Lucian withouth a doubt can F**k you up." The game is getting more stressful and even more stressful, even with my knolege and yes I know im not a good player but still I deserve to win games when Im playing good, and I cannot win it because the teams that you want to create... are not working. So yes I wont play League because its too damn stressfull and im 26, I play only 1-2 games per day JUST FOR THE FUN, and Im feeling even worse than I go to work. I hope at least you, have fun, with your new content every day. But if you keep this bad experiense, you will kill the game. :)
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