I flamed because ["reason"]

Just stop, please. You flamed, you admit it yourself. And you probably got punished and now you came to complain about it on the boards, where you proceed to argue with anyone who dares disagree with you. Let's see what the most common excuses for flame are: * **He started it!** This one just brings up the image of two little children in my mind. Even the children know it's a lame excuse and they will both get punished. It doesn't matter who started, you could have shown some maturity and self control instead of stooping to his level. Moving on * ** I can say it when it's true!** Let's say you are walking down the street and you meet a woman whose hair doesn't look exactly great that day. Do you walk up to her and say "Hey lady, your hair looks horrible today lol"? No? Then don't do this to players in game. Chances are, they probably realize their mistakes and feel bad already, no need to make it worse. * **There was a troll!** Sure, trolls can be annoying. But flaming won't get you anywhere. It won't stop them from trolling, it will give them what they want. Again, don't lower yourself on their level by flaming them, just report and move on. * **I'm a human and I have feelings!** As we all do. Except somehow the majority manages not to be a douche about it. It's this secret art we practice, called **self-control** and you should look into it. For goodness' sake, my English teacher annoyed the hell out of me for all 4 years of highschool and did I yell insults at her? No! This is the same thing. Look, we all get it. Sometimes you just have a bad day or you get angry because someone ruined your promos, but **while it's understandable, it's still not acceptable.** If nothing else, please think of the other players on your team, they don't deserve to be caught in a crossfire of flame just because one of them made you angry.
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