Don't we love to talk abou the word "EZ"? one of those discussions again

Hi. So most of my discussions don't make me so popular lol but here it is. I honestly thought I was the only one that thought "EZ" was the absolute lamest word ever until I read some discussions here. I did a lot of searching to see if I was the only one but half of the posts are in a foreign language and the other half is about how the word is/should be banable. IS it actually bannable? I didn't exactly get that part. Cuz ye, I really do think that it's an ULTRA LAME word but bannable.. I don't see why it should be? I don't actaully get offended by the word, it's pretty idiotic and LAME but not offensive or am I wrong? Please correct me if I misunderstood the denotation of the word or something. <3
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